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About Us

CN Winters is a fan fiction writer and a fiction author since Xena's second season. She's held previous auctions and fundraisers for various organizations. When friend and fellow Xenite Karyn Carrico (BardKC) came to her about organizing an auction on Carole's behalf, they checked with Carole to be sure it was acceptable. So once she received the green light CN put things in motion. Karyn has spearheaded the promotions while CN 'runs' the auction. If you have questions you can email either one of them and they will be happy to get you any answers to your questions. Carole can also take messages, however, given the situation of caring for her daughter she is quite busy as you can imagine so her response time won't be as timely. It is best to contact CN or Karyn regarding the specific details of the auction. They will return your email in 24 hours. If you do not get an answer within this time frame please resend your request. 

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You can read the story of Carole and her daughter, Nicole by clicking HERE





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